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About Me!

Hi there everyone, glad you stumbled across my portfolio and are interested in my work! My name is Mikael Trench and I am an award-winning stop motion filmmaker and writer currently living in Atlanta. 


Stop motion has appealed to me since I was a little kid mesmerized by the original "King Kong", the works by Ray Harryhausen, and the Wallace and Gromit films. Even before knowing what the medium entailed, I could tell there was something inherently different about these works that I connected with.


Stop motion is a medium that has especially appealed to me given its tactile and intricate nature that allows for the human hand to be involved in and further involve the audience in the creative process, an element that I truly believe makes for the true heart of the filmmaking art form.

I am a hungry artist, always looking for ways to challenge my skill set and create lasting professional relationships along the way. Keeping this medium alive is so crucial to the entertainment landscape and I hope to be making at least some small contribution to that goal, one frame at a time. 

Outside of animating my heart out, I also love writing, particularly screenwriting and film/entertainment reviewing. If you'd like to see my exploits in the latter category, feel free to hop on over to my cult movie review blog, Mik's Mad Movies Corner, where I share my love of cult cinema.