Making Fruit Salad the TriClops Way

A short comedic music video mixing claymation and food animation to practice out product/food animation photography. Animated using DragonFrame 4. 

SCAD Generate 2019 "Into the Sunset"

TCM Promo

Project made within 24 hours for SCAD Atlanta Generate project where we were tasked with creating a promo for a Turner Classic Movie evening marathon of Spaghetti Westerns entitled "Into the Sunset." Acted as animation director for this project where we used cutout puppets and sets. Animated using DragonFrame 4.

Two Character Dialogue Test

A dialogue test using two clay characters and replacement mouth pieces. Animated using DragonFrame 4. 

St. Pacman's Day

A fun St. Patrick's day downshoot animation using Pacman replacement pieces. Animated using DragonFrame 4. 

Terry the TriClops Animation Tests

A series of simple puppet animation tests to play with acting and mechanics. Animated using DragonFrame 4. 

Sticky Bones Pantomime

A pantomime animation made using a Sticky Bones figure. Animated using DragonFrame 4.

Doctor, Doctor Shots

A collection of shots from a 2020 short horror film called "Doctor, Doctor". I acted as animation director on this project where I worked alongside a film crew to animate people and objects. Animated using DragonFrame 4. 

Mervy and the Garden Glib Globs

A short claymation film that tells the story of a happy-go-lucky alien who must find a way to defend his garden from a horde of ravenous critters. Animated using DragonFrame 4.