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Hi there everyone! Things have been very quiet here on the blog page during the entire quarter, but rest assured things have been going great. The film will now be going through itty bitty adjustments over the week and then be ready to send out to festivals!

This is an exciting time and we're excited to see what the future holds for this quirky little film. We don't want you guys to miss any of this goodness, so be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up to date on festival dates and other exciting updates. Wish us luck during this final stretch!

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  • Mikael Trench

Hello one and all! Hope all our fellow SCAD Bees had a great spring break and everyone is staying safe during these strange times. This week has been a big one for us, as we have officially entered post production. Currently we are working on finding green screen compositing and sound design elements to help make the film as good as it can be. Wish us luck as we continue trucking on. In the meantime, check out this amazing poster created by our talented art director and fabricator Shaurese Foster, as well as the new teaser trailer for the film here:

  • Mikael Trench

And that's a wrap! Shooting on To Love a Ladybug has FINALLY WRAPPED this past week! With Phase 4 being due this past Thursday, we also got to throw in some compositing tests and other minor shots that had only been in the animatic phase thus far, as well as finished up our color script. It's crazy to imagine that almost one year ago, this project was little more than a spark of an idea, and now it has generated into something bigger than we could have ever imagined. There is still some ways to go as we enter post production in the next few weeks, but we're in a good place and can't wait to ride this baby into completion. Thank you to everyone who has helped out in any way this past quarter, whether its building a set, animating a shot, giving helpful critique, or simply following us on social media/this blog, this film would have been nothing without your generous support.

Now... let's address the elephant in the room.

As many of you, especially SCAD students, are aware, all of our classes next quarter will be taught online, as the school will be closed off to students and most faculty due to the coronavirus outbreak. For many of us, this will prove a problem, as many of the essential resources needed to work on our films will not be able to be accessed during this time. For To Love a Ladybug, however, things aren't too bleak. Since most of our filming was completed already, next quarter will primarily be dedicated to working on compositing, editing, sound mixing, color correction, etc, which can all be done from our laptops at home fairly easily. There were some plans for minor reshoots and pick up shots, which I can do from home, but with certain limitations that the stop motion facilities on campus would lack. So this means that picking scenes to reshoot will be very selective and there may not be quite as much room as hoped for to polish up certain other shots as a result.

Nevertheless, we will not let this slow us down and will do the very best we can to make this project the very best as it can be. Good luck with everyone's senior projects and have an awesome break!

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